Who is Bhip Philippines

Bhip Philippines was just an idea, which Bhip Global haven't planned of opening yet. Agam and Hila having a strong desire, vision and passion of sharing this opportunity to the Filipinos is enough for them to Make Things Happen. They decided to book one way ticket from Israel to Philippines bringing only their dreams and suitcase.

Agam and Hila used to held their seminars at Ayala Triangle together with the Cats, no office, unsure if the Internet System will work. These circumstances weren't able to stop Agam and Hila from making their visions into reality for building Bhip Philippines totally from scratch, from this, they met the first 3 Filipinos who built this dream together with them, from no office to first Office and together in that office they built Team Puso that is shaped with Values, Bonds and Family.

Team Puso has been spreading their warmth, positivity and impacting lives of fellow Filipinos. Working with values, empowering people, and molding leaders. Through tough times and good times.

Bhip Global was founded by Terry Lacore based in Dallas, Texas. It has been in business since 2007. Bhip One an association of Bhip countries was founded in 2011. Michael Sarfelt the most influential leader of this company partnered with Terry Lacore the founder, made a deal to take it to the next level turning Bhip into a Billion-Dollar Company.