My passion to inspire people

Hi My Name is Alyssa Mae, 22 Years old, originally from Cebu.

Typical Cebuana conquering manila

I am a typical cebuana who wants to have a “Conquer Manila” story. Before bhip i worked as a Guest Relation Assistant for one and half years, working for more than 12hrs it feels like I'm in a prison during that time so I already resigned on Dec. 25,2018. I planned to go to Abu Dhabi to find a job. But, B:HiP came into my life. I didn’t know what I'm going to do but I grabbed this opportunity because I can see the good potential of this company and the market here in the Philippines. Further, I'm looking for the best mentors to help me change and learn how to to become a good leader, have personality development, friendship and to have a right mindset. Furthermore, my passion is to inspire people. I trust this two (2) Israeli girls and doubtlessly, they are good role models and the best mentors and my best friends.

Throughout my B:HiP journey, it has helped me step by step to change and I want to thank my B:HiP family because we build the culture of integrity, love, passion and work as one family.

We live this world with a purpose to help impact people.

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  • Your story is so inspiring and the company really cares for their people.

  • Your story is so inspiring, thank you!

  • You are so inspiring, THANK YOU!

  • amazing girl !!!!!