The Switch of Ar-jay

Hi y'all. I'm Ar-Jay, 25 years old. Formerly a Sales Representative, Seafarer, Complaints Manager and an Events Organizer. Actually, I lived my life like a teenager. Hopping to parties and drinkin like a fish. It was fun while it lasted but as days go by. I felt a void inside me, its like I don't have a purpose in this universe.

Then B:Hip came, and I saw again a future that 5 years from now I can be a better man with values and fortune. I can only thank Klen, the one who showed me this opportunity and most importantly my mentors Hila and Agam.

While building myself together with the family that I have in Bhip

Hila showed me that money without values is a complete recipe for demise. She was a woman who showed me that without values no matter how wealthy you became. You will still feel nothing and the void that's within me won't be filled.

Mad love to Agam, she is like an elder sister to me. She really have a big heart and she doesn't look at people because of their past. She envelops people with her big heart and make you feel that you deserve all the love in this world no matter what you do and where you came from.

Now I'm just in the beginning of my journey and I will never regret that day that I answered that phone call which revolutionized my life in a complete 360.

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  • Especially strong and honest love you