The million dollar visit

Do you think you had a busy TGIF?

If so, spare a thought for Ball Sukhatas. He is Thai Mill Team Leader Of BHip Thailand who landed in Manila late Friday night, January 10, 2020 ahead of a whirlwind in the capital.

The Top International Leader managed to receive a warm welcome from Filipino Leaders and Professionals – while experiencing Metro Manila's heavy traffic on Friday, January 10.

Here's a peek into how BHIP Thai Millionaire spent his time in Manila.

Ball and team puso

Friday night, January 10 – Sukhatas arrived in Manila and immediately held an hours-long meeting with Hila Freund and Agam Ezer over how to enhance e-commerce in the Philippines. The meeting on developing e-commerce infrastructure starting with building marketplaces and strengthening logistics.

8:00 PM to 10:00 PM - Sukhatas shared his story in front of hundreds Filipino Professionals during a working group. According to Sukhats, He came from a poor family and never had a chance to think to be a millionaire at an early age because he is surrounded by poor people as well.

Ball First Working Group in the PHILIPPINES

That time, his dad was working in the infrastructure industry and his mom was working in a Government while taking care of her sister as well. One day, when his family sent him to school using a motorbike, an accident happened. Her Mom fell into the road and got a small scratch. He looks at her Mom and asks himself “until when to become lucky?” He understood that there’s three people in his life that he is willing to protect then he declared to himself to become a millionaire so he can buy a car so that no one will fall from motorbike.

Then a few years ago, he met Bhip and Michael Sarfelt. He started to work with him and today Sukhatas is one of Mill Team Members.

Here are some strong points that he said.
    1. If You want to be someone then just be yourself. Have hunger to learn from successful people.
    2. You need to Work Hard.
    3. Change something you hate from yourself.
    4. Create a picture of yourself in your imagination what do you want to be?
    5. Improve yourself everyday.
    6. Find out your role model.
    7. Consistency
    8. Passion
    9. Set new Goals. Improve it and set target everyday.
    10. Believe (Most important power. It will change your life.)

“ Someone will destroy your future because they are afraid that you will become better than them”

Ball Sukhatas

10:00 PM to 12:00 MN -Jhayr Pagkalinawan, Top Filipino local leader who normally working technical stuff and Mary Calingasan, Top Filipino local leader who is the frontliner of Bhip Philippines together with Hila Freund and Agam Ezer enjoyed glamorous yet intimate dinner that provide an exclusive opportunity to connect and discuss the sustainability topics that really matter.

Dinner Meeting with Ball

Hila Freund, Agam Ezer, Filipino leaders and all professionals understood the importance of having someone by your side to inspire, teach, and motivate you. Just like the old saying goes, “No one makes it alone.” If you haven’t found that person whom you can really learn from on a person-to-person basis, I encourage you to find him. Remember that “finding is reserved for those who seek.”

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