Something to do on my own

My name is Ervin, I’m 25. Before I met B:HiP, I was a hotelier and had a business in the food industry. I’m an only child, so ever since everything I need has been given to and prepared for me. I’ve always wanted to leave a mark. I want to do something on my own. So, I worked hard and after a year I got promoted, and me and my friends we started to start our own business. We started from scratch and from the beginning everything started good. However, we were quite young and inexperienced to do it so our business collapsed. Thereafter, I focused again on my job and that’s where I met Agam and Hila as they were our residents. From the first time I saw them I saw something in them that I just want to follow them that’s why every time I saw them I always told them “I hope one day, I’ll be part of your team.” and they only replied “Yes, you will.”  It was NYE when they introduced to me B:HiP. They told me that I’m in the perfect timing because the person who taught them everything will be here in the Philippines. I don’t even know the nature of what I’m going to do but still I came to the seminar.

Being part of the team

I just felt that what they’re doing here is something big. Now, what they said became a reality, I’m already here.

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  • yessss you are amazing