Bhip Global was founded by Terry Lacore based in Dallas, Texas. It has been in business since 2007. Bhip One an association of Bhip countries was founded in 2011. Michael Sarfelt the most influential leader of this company partnered with Terry Lacore the founder, made a deal to take it to the next level turning Bhip into a Billion-Dollar Company.

Yes, that's why the opportunity of Bhip Philippines to become one of the first is enormous. Like in Thailand they started from nothing and just Michael Sarfelt with his idea to change his life now the Thailand Branch of Bhip have more than 90,000 family members and it is the biggest in the world. BUT Bhip Philippines will be bigger!!

Yes, Bhip Philippines is 100% legit company that is already helping more than 200 filipinos to change their lives and become a better verion of themselves.

Yes, right now Bhip Philippines internet system is exploding because many filipinos wants to work from home with their families especially in the Corona Virus times. And Bhip Philippines also has family members in other countries like Japan, UAE, Saudi, Davao and Cebu. Not just in Metro Manila.