My dream is bigger than covid-19

My Name is Jansse Hana Sibuyo, 24 years of age, currently staying in Mandaluyong but originally from Bicol. After I graduated from College, I landed my first job in Manila as a Compensation and Benefits associate, now I am currently the Compensation and Benefits Analyst in my current job. I could say that I am earning well but I don’t think it’s enough for me to achieve the financial freedom that I wanted to have for me and my family, since we did not came from a well off family, so I looked for a Part time job.

Taking bold steps

That’s when I met BHIP through social media. Some people might be skeptic with it at first but for me, I have a little doubt, but what I have in mind that time is, this is the opportunity I have been waiting for, hearing all the testimonials of the people who already have results. Though it’s not easy. I tried my best to seek help from the people I know. Even though I received a negative feedback from one of my relative regarding my decision telling me this is not the right timing because of Covid 19, I still fought becoming part of Bhip as what she told me is the opposite of what I feel about this opportunity. Because I believe that timing should also come with hard work and I know that if I work harder, I will also have the result that I am aiming for despite facing a calamity right now.

Also, I do believe that if I will wait for Covid-19 to be over it will be a little too late for me. Another reason for me to fight is the phrase I’ve been hearing since I attended seminars and trainings in BHIP and it is “If not now, then when?”. That Phrase struck me most because it left me a question if I can do it right now why wait for next time?, If I could find a way right now why set it aside for next time?. Now I am part of BHIP as a part timer, though I don’t have results yet, but I know with hard work and with the help of my team I would soon have it. And I could say that I do not have any regret becoming part of the family in BHIP because short while I felt that this is not just about business because I can see the relationship built within the team.

That’s why 5 years from now I envision myself of being one of the local leaders here in the Philippines who not only train those who are new in the company but also a leader who inspire most people and help them achieve and organize their goals just like what our leaders are now.

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