Normal day in Bhip's Office with Team Puso

We’ve heard many things, seen many things, felt many things and been through many things and maybe you've been put down because of all of that. I don't know what they all are, but in the four (4) corners of the B:HiP office, it’s alright.

Let me tell you why.

I have been in the office every single day ever since I became part of the team. I hear people shout and let me tell you…SHOUT! Though not of anger, but of celebration and in the smallest things too like “I got my first no!” and “Today is the day!" Where do you hear people shout that?

In the time that I have spent in the office I have seen people grow, not tall or fat or anything like that. HAHAH! (I can rap). Anyway, it is hard to explain but people start to shine. It happens every single time they pass a challenge or get out of that circle that’s called a comfort zone. You really have to see it for yourself especially now cause it isn’t just one person who is shining.

Joyce Day in The Office

"In life you’ll experience many things, so you’ll feel different things and how you feel sometimes depends on how your day went. My days in the B:HiP office have been okay. So you’ll be okay. Wait, no, I think it’s been great! So you’ll be great!"

Joyce Belo
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  • what an amazing team! with amazing people! good for you and keep going all the way to the top!