I got a message from Faith. With nothing to lose, I grabbed the opportunity and attended the first seminar and I got HOOKED! I said to myself "THIS IS WHAT I REALLY WANT!" All the planets and stars aligned and it felt like I was in the right place, at the right time. I was really moved and inspired by Hila and Agam's stories. It really touched my life... A LOT! I told myself "I really wana be part of this family!" By attending d regular work groups, i can really tell that a lot has already change... Mindset, Outlook, attitude... Etc. Now big step closer to fulfilling my dreams.

I do see myself as part of B:HIP for the rest of my life... and maybe have my sons become part this family as well.

Together we will fight until we reach to the top

To Mamshie Hila and Mamshie Agam, I will never forget the first time i attended our B:HIP seminar... the time you both touched my life. In that very moment, I told to myself that I want to be trained by the best... and i was not wrong. I always admire your vision and perseverance despite nay-sayers and impressions. I know I'm in good hands with both of you. I trust u both a lot and I know that you have a lot more Filipinos to help out, of xcourse we will help you build and fulfill our plans here with B:HIP.

Together we will fight until we reach the very top! My heart is now with B:HIP and I will never let you, Agam nor my team and my FUTURE TEAM down! I Love You BOTH from the bottom of my heart. ❣

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