Filipino Pride: The Journey of Winning Monaco 2020

The long wait is over! This year, we made it!

Before I tell you my story, I want to introduce myself first. My name is Nova, everyone calls me Novz. I am 28 years old and I'm originally from Nueva Ecija, Philippines. I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management but just like many, I became a regular employee after graduation. I was in this routine for almost 7 years and one day, while working on my regular day job, I received a phone call. I thought the caller would offer a Virtual Assistant job, but what happened next changed my life completely.

Nova Galang

When I met the b:hip opportunity, I really have no clue what God had in store for me. I have experienced a lot of difficulties in life just like everyone but right now, I am a totally different person. I started to believe in myself and to dream again! I discovered that I love to win! May it be a small or big promotion, I want to see my name as one of the winners. Indeed, I made it happen! I am one of the people who went to Thailand last June 2019. We spent 3D/2N in Lebua Hotel at State Tower, Bangkok. It was surreal because it was my first time to go out of the country. Crazy! It was really an amazing VIP experience with Bhip's international leaders while enjoying the finest drinks and sumptuous foods.

December 2019, b:hip global announced another luxury promotion in Monaco. I have no clue where Monaco is. This promotion is crazier and even grander because there could only be one winner between the Philippines and Jordan. The promotion includes helicopter ride, 5 star Michelin foods, Ferrari ride, yachts, expensive drinks - all of these, together with the most successful people in b:hip plus exclusive conversation with them. It blew my mind when I saw the video! I told myself, "It is so cool, I will do my very best. I can do it!" and my competitive DNA activated.

Monaco, one of the richest country in the world

I worked so hard. I have less sleep, less rest, more work, no party, no idle time. I was so laser focused on my goal and that is to win the Monaco promotion. The journey was not smooth. With the help of Agam, Hila, and the Filipino leaders, I was able to achieve a lot of things. I always think about my Mom. I want to also prove myself that I can do everything, anything. Little did I know, while I was fighting hard and working consistently for Monaco, my actions led me to winning more local promotions. It really helped my business grow which made me qualify for the Silver rank in February 2020. Unbelievable journey!

In March 2020, I celebrated my birthday. I had only one goal and that is to give myself a gift of winning the Monaco promotion. In the middle of the month, I started to doubt myself. I felt scared. I started to ask myself, "what if I cannot make it?" And I felt God's presence immediately whispering, "This is my promise to you, just believe.” I already knew what to do. I became more consistent with my actions, I followed the law of attraction, and I brainwashed myself with the right attitude and mindset.

On April 16, 2020, the long wait is finally over! The results were out and I saw my name beside the Philippine flag. This journey made me realize that if you want something, do whatever it takes so you can get it regardless if it looks so far from reality. One decision can change your life. It must come from within and once you decide, you must stick to it no matter what, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Monaco Winners

God has prepared his great plans for you. Just remind yourself: What is your WHY? What keeps you on fire? Because for me, it is my Mom and I know that she is very proud of me!

It is my honor to represent the Philippines and the Team Puso through this promotion. Filipinos can do it!

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  • the filipino pride. The Team Puso Pride. So Proud of you ate NOVZ!!! Ako na NEXT!

  • So lit, 🔥 Super amazing & Super proud of you Novz. 💕 Go Philippines 🇵🇭 #Teampuso ❤️💕