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9 qualifiers Free Thailand Trip

Do you feed it with good experiences? Or do you feed it with stress and fatigue? Do you feed it with dreams and endless possibilities? Or do you feed it with fears and limitations?

Do you travel in style? Or do you travel within a budget?

Discovery, no matter how big or small is one of the greatest things you can feed your life with. You can have discovery thru books, movies, internet, and the greatest way of all is thru travelling.

Bangkok (BKK), Thailand’s capital, is known for its vibrant street life. While so many people travel within a budget, I want to share with you how I experienced travelling without any! Yes, you read it right. Travelling without any budget, living the life of your dreams might sound impossible. But “Impossible is nothing” (credits to Adidas) right?

Lebua 5 star hotel in Bangkok, Thailand

In June 2019, together with eight friends, we travelled in Bangkok from the Philippines. We stayed in a 5-star hotel (Lebua at State Tower) during our stay FOR FREE. We also had a soirée at the St. Regis Bar with exquisite dining and great jazz FOR FREE (you can see the video below). We also had a reservation ready for a dinner buffet at Sofitel FOR FREE (regular rate is at 7,066 Baht or app. 12,000 Php per head).

When you experience luxury travel, you discover areas in life you never expect to encounter. You don’t really worry about the bills nor the budget. You just enjoy being with your friends and create wonderful moments together. So the most important thing you need to learn is something called Incentive Travel. This is the name of the game.

Now for sure you are wondering how we did it! It’s quite simple. We became part of a company that promotes work-play-lifestyle balance. And Incentive Travel is only one of the best things about BHiP. Another best thing about BHiP is its Internet System. We use the system using our mobile phones so while we were travelling, we were still able to use the tools and do the necessary actions to achieve more results.

Of course, we achieved specific targets to qualify for that Incentive Travel. We work hard; we PLAY TO WIN; and most importantly, we work with our team!

We also met top international leaders and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

BHiP’s Incentive Travel program has always been a huge success. It has improved our team synergy and established a positive and energetic work environment.

That experience added so much value to our our lives. Hey, it was not only great because it was for free. It was great because it’s priceless.

If we did it, so can you!

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  • This is really a once in a lifetime opportunity! My first time going to Bangkok yet it's an all-expense-paid trip! Not just that, I was with amazing and crazy people! Unforgettable experience! Jam-packed learnings and leisure! This all started with only just one click in an IG story! To all the #TravelGoals with you, guys! #TeamPuso #HelpingImpactPeople

  • It looks impressive! and it's crazy how useful it is ONLINE business in these days

  • It's amazing what people can achieve from working online!

  • Wow amazing team. You look amazing, I want to join the next travel with you...

  • Wow it's amazing what a crazy Life Style. I want that in my life too

  • looks amazing! have fun guys!

  • Wow, what champions and great are you that you have chosen to win the competition and win such a gift that helps you become better people and inspire others who deserve more in life and that if they are willing to join the journey and not give up that difficult then it pays off. Well done continue to produce results in the amazing business we have in our hands. We love you all❤