One of the first 4 people who started Bhip Philippines

I came from a very poor family. I grew up without my family beside me. My father passed away when I was 10 years old. While, my Nanay and brother also left me because they needed to work.

I met B:HiP through the internet system and the person who introduced the company to me was Agam. My QUEEN.

My Queen in yellow

I am very proud and humble to say that I am one of the first four (4) people that started B:HiP Philippines. I already met multi-millionaires not only from Thailand but also from around world. We have parties with them, won promotions, and we earn in dollars. All of these are because of Agam and Hila. They are helping out and giving all they have just to help me.

I don’t have one word to describe B:HiP. All I know is I 'prayed' and God answered already.

This is His answer for He wants us to have a better future. Special thanks to Agam and my team! You guys are my blessings from God.

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  • Way to go Pinky! We love you <3

  • thank you for trusting us and becoming part of the family from the beginning Pinky <3

  • Amazing story, thanks for sharing

  • its a very toching story there for having been In the Philippines in the past and saw the horrible ways you people live and to drive yourself to live better is a great thing and I know you will only do and become better for it