Self Development

I am a dreamer. Years ago, my father sold our house and lot and was not able to support the family. So, I started working at the age of 12 to send myself to school. I think I have been working in every single job. I became salesman in a grocery store; waiter in a catering services; crew in a fast food restaurant and was a houseboy to someone who gave me support and accepted me. From one side it was not fun at all, though on the other side I don’t have any regrets because it helped me become strong and independent. I finished my studies with BS Education and two (2) Vocational Courses. I could easily find a Job not as a teacher but as a call center agent, while finishing my Masters Degree in one of the Universities here in Manila. Exactly after four (4) years of working as a call center agent, B:HiP came to my life through the help of my best friend, Kath. She is a really good friend of mine. She is always beside me in good and bad moments of my life. Through B:HiP I was able to travel abroad for the first to Thailand and that’s one of the most unforgettable experiences in my life. We stayed in Lebua 5-star suites for three (3) days. I also had a chance to meet Michael Sarfelt, the No. 1 Distributor of B:HiP Global, for the first time and bonded with Jan and Karin Sarfelt. During then, I was still an employee. When I was still an employee, I hated the fact that someone putting me a price tag even I gave my best and working so fucking hard. That’s why I put B:HiP as my priority and has taken it seriously and promise myself to never give up.

I am thankful to God for giving me opportunity. I am also grateful that I have Agam and Hila who have helped me to dream again. Self development I used to be afraid to take decisions and make huge changes. B:HiP, through Agam and Hila, feeds me with encouragement and motivation that help me keep going. Whether it is finding a meaningful role in life, they support me to move forward and take the first steps.

Rencie Palermo

Agam and Hila helps me to recognize and value my strength and gifts. I identify and manage my self limiting presence, change my negative habits to positive ones. Through B:HiP, I have more time and energy for the things that make me happy and to discover what gives meaning and real purpose in life; create a sense of personal freedom and choice. Lastly, I want to create a life of fun and enjoyment.

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  • Proud of you my friend.