That missing piece

A decade of working on the vast ocean and wandering the Asia Pacific, places, cultures, and friends were discovered, thus there seemed to be a missing piece. When I met Bhip, I felt that missing piece is just an arm stretch away. And there, I never missed a Working Group, I adapted the process and declared to myself that every one of us could rewrite our path. Amid this pandemic Covid-19 situation, Team Puso had made a great significance to my self-development.

There were also realizations that being busy is far different from being productive. Indeed, your circle of friends will not be there for you, but I will never give up sharing this huge opportunity and blessing to them. All of us have different callings and in Bhip I felt that a new calling for me is here, same goes to the team members who chose to make a difference.

Choosing to take the risk to get out of our comfort zone is the best idea and actions of successful people. I knew that this is something I am afraid of but with the network built with empowered people, those doubts were killed one step at a time. Looking at the end of the tunnel, I envisioned myself of having this once in a lifetime opportunity for freedom as I watch my family grow with peace.

Empowered and Beautiful

-Rose G, 29yrs old, Seafarer and a mom

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  • Unbelievably amazing! More power! <3