The First Revolution: Bhip Global Convention 2019, Bangkok Thailand
Thailand Convetion

Perfect opportunity--- infuse the business with energy and unlock the next level of your potential.

In Bhip, events are not only social occasions but always, also, contribute to personal growth and business development. Of course, the person who attends the most events can always have the most wins.This is a principle and a concord that we embody as a team. And this doesn’t just mean the small group meetings or local team events. What we are adducing here is the importance of global events like the Global conventions that are sponsored not only by Bhip but also by any company around the world. Those conventions are the most powerful events, and it is crucial that you attend them. As you read along, you will understand further and have a wider view on the importance of global events. I know some people will argue that in today’s technological world, conventions are dead. People just won’t travel for them anymore. There are trainings on personal growth and business development online, hence one can for sure wonder why they need to travel to receive training. Yes! I see the irony in that statement but I guarantee that if you look at the top earners in your company, you will find that virtually every one of them uses convention events as a cornerstone for becoming better individuals and building their business at the same time.

We listed down some reasons why global events like the Bhip Global Conventions are so important for you to attend.

1. Reconnect to Your Dreams

JhayR Speak on stage

Sometimes you just need to get away from the routine of the day-to-day grind and remind yourself of your dreams. When you are working away, building your business, meeting with prospects, and scheduling meetings, you can get bogged down with all the activities and you begin to forget why you are doing this. By attending conventions, you can put aside all of the activities for a few days and completely immerse yourself in why you joined in Bhip in the first place? You have the chance to refocus on your dreams and recommit to your future. And Bhip convention give you the strength you need to go back home, dig in, and do what’s necessary to move your business forward.

2. Find What You Need to Move Forward (Training and Discovery)

Bhip Thailand Global Convention

The presentations you hear during conventions give you that strength to move forward-- whether it’s practical or motivational. These events usually have top earners in the company as speakers and might even bring in outside speakers for training or motivation. You never know when one of these speakers will say something at just the right time in your life that resonates and ends up changing you forever. One speaker said something, and I gained the strength to never give up. Another speaker said something else and I stopped blaming others for my failures. I decided to go all the way to the top because of something a speaker said in the convention. In fact, I can’t think of a single significant moment in my Bhip career that didn’t happen during an event.

3. Be a Part of the Bhip Global Family.

Bhip Thailand Global Convention

In addition to the strength and training you receive, you also get to experience the community of Bhip Global. Being an entrepreneur is a lonely profession, especially in this industry because our business is still so misunderstood by others. But when you find yourself in the convention, you’re surrounded by like-minded people. These people see the same potential in this industry as you did. They are taking the same journey as you. They have similar beliefs, hopes, dreams, aspirations, and positive attitudes. And you share similar struggles, obstacles, and fears. At events, anyone can be certain that they are never alone. You are a community entrepreneurs and this also open so many opportunities to learn and build the life of your dreams.

4. Positive Peer Pressure

Teampuso in Thailand

Finally, the community of Bhip also creates an element of positive peer pressure. Oftentimes, companies use convention events to recognize people who have reached certain goals, broken records and achieved a certain status. When those people who are being recognized walk across the stage, doesn’t it make you want to be like them? You see them, you hear their story, and you think, “I want to be that person. I want to walk across the stage. I can do better than them.” You are inspired by the achievements of others to do more and work harder for your business.

The Magic of Bhip Global Convention. Attending to Bhip global conventions are one of the most powerful things you can do to help grow your business. And consistency is key.. When I started in Bhip, I didn’t think I could go to all of these events everywhere around the country. I didn’t have the money, time, or resources. But when I qualified and attended one of these events, I found myself standing next to one of the top income-earners in the whole company. When I asked him what the secret was, he told me something that I will never forget and drives me until now to always keep on pursuing my goals and achieving my dreams. Make it a priority to go to Bhip convention, and you’ll find yourself on the path to go all the way to the top. It’s an amazing event and words are never enough to show you. Experience it. Feel it. Share it.

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